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General Terms and Conditions

1. Definities
1.1 Hotel Docklands: the organization commissioned by the owner and his representatives to mediate in the rental of hotel rooms and apartments.
1.2 property: all hotel rooms and apartments that are furnished for overnight stays.
1.3 the client: the (legal) person making the booking and thereby becoming the other party of Hotel Docklands.
1.4 the guest: the client and the persons specified by the client who use the accommodation and / or other facilities rented by the client.
1.5 accommodation provider: the owner and/or the manager appointed by him of the accommodation available to be reserved.  
1.6 agreement: the agreement between the accommodation provider and the client.
1.7 costs: base rate including any discounts and exclusive of additional costs.  
1.8 in writing: by letter or e-mail. 
1.9 website: the website(s) representing Hotel Docklands used to offer the accommodation. 

2. Applicability Terms and Conditions 
2.1 These terms and conditions apply to all offers of Hotel Docklands and agreements regarding the rental of hotel rooms and apartments concluded with Hotel Docklands. These conditions are an inseparable part of the agreement. 

3. Offer  
3.1 The offer of Hotel Docklands is valid as long as Hotel Docklands actually has availability for the hotel room or apartment.

4. Creation and content of the agreement  
4.1 Reservations
4.1.1 An accommodation can either be booked on sight, online or by phone. These reservation methods are binding for both parties.
4.1.2 Online reservation; an agreement under a suspensive condition will be established between the client and Hotel Docklands with regard to 
booking an accommodation explicitly offered by Hotel Docklands on the website when: 
a) the client agrees to the general terms and conditions of Hotel Docklands 
b) the client fills out all mandatory information to be able to make a reservation online and then makes the reservation definitive by using the button “confirm".     
4.1.3 Each received booking which is made via the website is confirmed by email to the client by Hotel Docklands, which means the reservation is received and processed. With that the reservation is binding for the tenant.  
4.1.4 Upon receipt of the reservation this will be checked on correctness by Hotel Docklands. If the reservation is correct, the suspensive condition, as referred to under 4.1.2, is fulfilled and the agreement is concluded. 
4.1.5 If the client has not received acknowledgement by email, the client must take up contact with Hotel Docklands, failing this the client can not invoke the reservation.  
4.1.6 Age: reservations can only be made by persons who are 21 years or older, reservations made by persons under that age are not valid. If a client makes a reservation for younger people and is not present the entire period, the booking is also not valid. An owner can refuse a reservation made by younger persons after the fact. In consultation with Hotel Docklands exceptions can be made. 
4.1.7 Hotel Docklands also reserves the right to refuse a reservation if it is suspected that the accommodation will be used in violation of these terms and conditions.  
4.2 Right of withdrawal 
4.2.1 Reservations will be legally binding for the tenant. A right of withdrawal (the so-called cooling-off period) as referred to in the Civil Code does not apply to services regarding the rental of accommodation.  

5. Canceling or changing the agreement 
5.1 Cancellation by the client 
5.1.1 It may happen that due to unforeseen circumstances one has to cancel. In this case the client or his deputy must notify Hotel Docklands in writing. In most cases there are costs associated with cancellations or changes.
5.1.2 Upon cancellation the client receives a cancellation note from Hotel Docklands. It contains the costs of the cancellation.  
5.1.3 Hotel Docklands offers a choice of 2 rates when making your reservation. A reservation with the non-refundable rate can no longer be changed or canceled. The full amount due for the entire period originally booked will be charged.
When booking with the flexible rate, a change or cancellation is possible free of charge up to 48 hours before arrival. If canceled less than 48 hours prior to the check-in date, the full amount due for the entire period originally booked will be charged.

5.1.4 If the client ends his stay before the departure date, there is no right to a refund.  
5.2 Cancellation by Hotel Docklands 
5.2.1 In the case of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, Hotel Docklands is entitled to cancel the reservation. Unforeseen circumstances and force majeure include:  
a) that the property is not suitable for rental (for example due to flooding, fire or default of the accommodation provider).  
b) that the property is no longer available (for example, due to the sudden sale of the accommodation provided by the accommodation provider, a double placed reservation or a bankruptcy of the accommodation provider). 
5.2.2 Hotel Docklands will immediately inform  the client of this stating the reason, by telephone or in writing.  
5.2.3 In this case Hotel Docklands will offer an equivalent accommodation at the same price.  
5.2.4 If no suitable alternative offer can be made, or the client does not agree with the offered alternative, Hotel Docklands will proceed to refund the costs already paid in whole or in part without Hotel Docklands owing any compensation to the tenant.
5.2.5 Hotel Docklands is not liable for the costs of any services the (co)client booked himself (for example airline tickets, car rental, excursions, etc.)
5.2.6 Hotel Docklands has the right at all times to terminate the agreement with immediate effect and to demand that the hotel room or apartment be vacated, if the client seriously neglects his duty of care for the accommodation among other things, if he places more or other persons in the accommodation than allowed under the agreement. In such case, no refund will be made of the rent and / or deposit or part thereof. Also the tenant is obliged to compensate for the damage Hotel Docklands or the owner suffers resulting from the acts or omissions of the tenant.  
5.3 Change of agreement 
5.3.1 In case of change of the agreement the cancellation conditions as stated in article 5.1 are fully applicable where for the terms referred to in Article 5.1.3, the first reservation.   
5.3.2 Hotel Docklands is not obliged to accept the request from a client to amend the agreement. 
5.3.3 If a change is to be made, the client should notify Hotel Docklands in writing.

6. Payment of the rent
6.1 If Hotel Docklands is not in possession of the total amount due on the day of arrival, Hotel Docklands is entitled to deny the client access to the studio or apartment, without prejudice to Hotel Docklands's right to full payment of the agreed price.
6.2 If, despite a prior written reminder, the client does not or does not properly comply with his payment obligation within a period of two weeks after the written reminder, Hotel Docklands has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect, without prejudice to Hotel Docklands's right to full payment of the agreed price.
6.3 Hotel Docklands reserves the right to hand over the claim, for example to a collection agency. The extrajudicial costs reasonably incurred by Hotel Docklands, after a notice of default, will be borne by the client. If the total amount is not paid on time, the legally determined interest rate on the outstanding amount will be charged after written demand.

7. Deposit 
7.1 Hotel Docklands can request a client to pay a deposit of € 100,- up to € 500,-.
7.2 Damage to the accommodation, inventory thereof or the building inflicted during the stay, extra cleaning costs due to not leaving the accommodation tidy and any costs to be paid locally will be settled with the deposit. If the deposit is not sufficient to cover this damage or to cover costs, the (co)client will have to pay this shortage on site.  
7.3 Hotel Docklands will make the guarantee available within two weeks after departure when there is no further reason for deduction or settlement.  
7.4 Hotel Docklands accepts no responsibility whatsoever for levying and / or refunding of this deposit and the costs referred to in this article.

8. Liability of the client  
8.1 The tenant is liable for damage due to breakage and/or loss and/or damage to inventory and/or accommodation provided by himself and/or his traveling companions or visitors. During the stay he is responsible for the accommodation and is committed to keep the accommodation neat and clean. Any damage must be reported immediately by the client to Hotel Docklands and to be reimbursed immediately on site, unless the client can demonstrate that the occurrence of the damage is not due to the fault of himself, other users or one of his travel companions. It is recommended in addition to your own liability insurance to take out a separate travel insurance. Clients must have a liability insurance. 
8.2 It is not permitted to accommodate more or other persons in the hotel room or apartment than those stated on the written confirmation. In that case, Hotel Docklands may refuse the tenant. 

9. Liability Hotel Docklands or owner 
9.1 Any liability of Hotel Docklands is in any case limited to attributable shortcomings in the work of Hotel Docklands as an intermediary and is  in any case limited to once the rate, unless there is intent or gross negligence at Hotel Docklands. 
9.2 Hotel Docklands accepts no liability for theft, loss or damage of or to objects or persons, of whatever nature, during or as a result of a stay in one of the hotel rooms and apartments and/or other facilities that Hotel Docklands offers, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of Hotel Docklands. 
9.3 Hotel Docklands does not guarantee that the stay in one of the accommodations offered by Hotel Docklands meets the expectations you had of it. Liability for damage consisting of loss of travel pleasure and/or other consequential damage, is excluded under all circumstances. 
9.4 Neither Hotel Docklands, nor the owner is under any circumstances liable for damage for which there is a claim for compensation under a travel and/ or cancellation insurance or any other insurance. 
9.5 Hotel Docklands is not liable for disruptions in the service or defects in the event of services provided by third parties. 
9.6 Hotel Docklands accepts no liability for acts and/or omissions of an owner. 
9.7 Any liability of the owner, regardless of the legal basis, is limited to a maximum of up to three times the rate, unless there is intent or gross negligence. 
9.8 Exclusions and limitations of liability also apply to staff of Hotel Docklands, the owner and third parties engaged by him. 
9.9 Hotel Docklands cannot accept any liability for unexpected (construction)activities in the vicinity of the reserved accommodation, work on access and/or main roads, noise nuisance for example from neighbors, church bells, cars, trains or agricultural implements, nuisance from vermin and environmental problems in the proximity to the accommodation.  

10. Pets  
10.1 Pets are not allowed.

11. Substitution 
11.1 Unless agreed in writing with Hotel Docklands, the client and his guests are not permitted to hand over the reserved accommodation under any name and for whatever reason to third parties other than the persons mentioned in the agreement.  
11.2 If you have agreed with Hotel Docklands that you and/or one or more guests are replaced, in addition to the client and/or user who replace you and/or other users you remain jointly and severally liable towards Hotel Docklands for the payment of the costs, modification costs and any additional costs resulting from the replacement and any cancellation costs.

12. Shortcomings in the rented accommodation
12.1 Hotel Docklands makes every effort to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Shortcomings in the rented accommodation need to be reported to Hotel Docklands immediately and at the latest within 24 hours after the discovery or occurrence of the shortcoming.
12.2 Hotel Docklands will, in the event of a timely notification of a deficiency, endeavor to remedy this. If this fails and the shortcoming is so serious that the use of the accommodation is seriously impeded, the client is entitled to an alternative accommodation or compensation. Article 9 applies mutatis mutandis.
12.3 In retrospect, after departure, you can not claim allowances, declarations, etc. 

13. Website 
13.1 Hotel Docklands pays the utmost attention and care to the correctness of the data on its website. Hotel Docklands however cannot be held responsible for any imperfections, inaccuracies and/or changes made at a later time. Apparent typos do not bind Hotel Docklands. Price changes reserved.  
13.2 The website of Hotel Docklands may contain links to third party websites. Hotel Docklands is in no way responsible for the content or use of these internet sites, or for the possible consequences of a visit to one of these linked websites. 

14. House rules
14.1 The house rules of Hotel Docklands are part of these General Terms and Conditions. 

15. Privacy 
15.1 Use of (personal) data 
15.1.1 The personal data entered in relation to the reservation will be used to process the reservation. If a change occurs in the data already provided the (co)tenant is obliged to immediately notify Hotel Docklands in writing.  
15.1.2 The entered information will also be included in the Hotel Docklands customer database for the purpose of being used for communication between Hotel Docklands and tenant with regard to the reservation (for example in connection with billing, sending the necessary information regarding the booking etc.) and for sending offers from and information about Hotel Docklands. Data of the (co)client are not provided to third parties who are not involved in our organization.  

16. Other provisions  
16.1 Belgian law applies to the agreement. The Belgian court has jurisdiction.  
16.2 In these terms and conditions "the client" also refers to the members of the travel group of the 
client/registrant. The client/registrant is jointly and severally liable for the payment obligation.  
16.3 It is not permitted to sublet the reserved accommodation.  
16.4 By closing the agreement the client accepts the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions.. These general terms and conditions apply regardless of your reference to other Terms and Conditions. Hotel Docklands rejects all General Terms and conditions to which you refer or which are used by you.  
16.5 In the event that provisions of these terms and conditions or parts thereof are not legally valid (anymore) or are declared inapplicable, the other provisions remain in full force. The affected provision(s) will then be converted into comparable provisions that are legally valid.  
16.6 Printing, typesetting and typing errors do not bind Hotel Docklands.  
16.7 All previous publications expire with these Terms and Conditions.